How to get my health trip arranged by GoodSense?

Step1: Visit

Visit the website and find your treatment (Medical or Cosmetic) and collect information about that from the website.

Step2:Contact us and evaluate medical conditions

A 24-hour turnaround on your quote request

A 24-hour response by our medical experts using (inquiry form, E-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, online chat, phone and …) is available to satisfy the needs of patients.

Doctor checks the submitted information of patients

Send your information including important details about your condition (if possible, send medical reports/records, diagnostic images, etc.). After collecting the basic and necessary information regarding your condition, needs and requirements, the doctors do their best with the aim of proper assess to your case.

Connect with the Surgeon/doctors

A complete outline of the surgical and recuperation period for your selected surgical procedures (details about that, treatment duration, recovery time …)  will be prepared. Moreover, you can have a comprehensive treatment offer, treatment letter and travel plan.

Booking Hospital and clinic

A list of top international clinics and hospitals that matches our high quality standards will be shown to you as offers so you will be able to see the facilities each hospital provides.

Cost estimate

All treatment costs are (such as clinic, hospital, doctor, laboratory and …) estimated clearly.

Step3:Prepare to Travel

Plan your trip

Set an exact date of arrival to Iran and organize your trip.

Passport and Visa Acquisition

Apply for visa, ticket, airline and …. Also, you need to consult GoodSenseCo for the time and date of arrival.

Accommodation cost

We will estimate the costs of your accommodation and services clearly (select hotels or apartments according to the budget).

Booking services

We book you the best clinic, hospital, hotel, laboratory and arrange everything in advanced according to your exact date of arrival.

Step4:Arrival in Iran

A 24-hour assistant

Your personal assistant will greet you at the airport and pick you up from airport and will accompany and aid you throughout your medical trip till your departure (male or female experts, depends on the patient’s choice).

Pre-operative affairs and getting ready for the surgery

Staying in hotel; transferring you to the clinic, visiting the doctor, do the lab tests, check everything, pre-operative consultation with the surgeon and going through other processes.

Going to hospital and surgery

In the hospital, the medical team will perform pre-surgery, surgery and final check. Also, the patient’s demand ‘will be reviewed with the surgeon and the specialist anesthesiologist.

Post treatment recuperation and recovery time

After surgery and recovery, the doctor will do the follow-up consultation. You will be accommodated at one of our special hotels until you are ready for your leave.

Visit Iran as a tourist (optional)

Trip options (visiting ancient and touristic cities of Iran)

Step5:Fly back home

Feedback and back home

You will be transferred to the airport. But before that we look forward for your comments and feedback to improve our own medical tourism organization.

Forthcoming follow-up

After coming back to your country, we will keep our contact with you and we won’t lose touch (a member of GoodSenseCo follow-up department will be available almost 24 hours). We will be at your disposal (any time) to answer all your postoperative questions by coordinating with your surgeon.

Connection with doctor

To be in touch with your doctor as long as you wish.