GoodSense guarantee and insurance policy

  1. GoodSense provides a wide range of medical services for patients, among them are insurance services that are of high importance in medical field as well as any other field.

While providing the services, the company considers patients as Iran’s representatives in their countries, that is why we offer the bests of the services, with a special focus on insurance. The company provides a wide range of services in this area as follows:

-In accordance with the company’s policies based on customers’ satisfaction with quality and faith, in case there is any medical malpractice, treatment will be repeated and further expenses including accommodation and ticket expenses will also be covered by GoodSense.

 -It is noteworthy that for ensuring safety and reassuring the patients, all patients are insured from the very moment they enter the country, as a way to help them manage their health care costs during their stay.

 -The insurance also covers any unexpected incidents.

 -Hospital insurance will cover all the expenses and costs for the second surgery such as unexpected and additional medical costs .


 Insurer: ASMARI insurance company, registration number 9655

 Insured: Any foreign citizen who legally arrives in Iran and is subject to perils and services covered by this policy which he/she has entered into a contract.

The Assistance company: IRAN-ASSISTANCE (KOMAK RESAN IRAN) registration number 91891.

Accident: Any sudden event occurred by an external cause without the will and intention of the insured and causing him/her injury during.

Bodily injury: Bodily injury means occurring any sudden, forcible factor beyond the control of the insured within the term of insurance.

Injury or acute disease: Means such injury or disease that happens during the term of insurance and make the treating physician decide to prevent the insured form continuing his/her journey or any injury or acute disease that endangers the insured to death.

Illness: Sudden or unforeseeable illness which its symptoms or its cause begins after of arrival date of the insured to Iran and makes the insured or his representative to call for medical assistance.

Relatives: Includes father, mother, sons and daughters, brother, sisters or any other person who has designated by the insured would be insured separately.

Insurance term:

The validity of the insurance policy is 92 consecutive days from the day the insured arrives in Iran. The insurance becomes non valid after the duration of the journey for which this policy has been obtained or at the date of exit of the insured from legal boundaries of Iran. If the insured obtains the policy after arrival to Iran the insurance commences the date fixed in the policy.


 -Precedent illness, re infection by a chronic or persistent disease or illnesses from which the insured had precedent knowledge and before beginning of insurance cover had been or is under treatment. Convalescence period is considered a part of illness period.

 -War, military aggression, actions of foreign enemy, terrorist and hostile operations (declared or not declared)

 -To commit suicide and to make international self-injury, and collaborating, participating or assisting in confidential actions.

 -Participating in horse riding or bicycling or any other courses or competitions or shows with motor vehicles and participating in the professional sport exercises and games like mountain climbing (professional climbing), aviation or any kind of flying, potholing, skin diving, exercising winter sports aiming to participate in formal exercises or displaying or exercising any kind of sports or amusements which reasonably and logically are construed as dangerous.

  Contamination caused by nuclear radiation.

 Childbearing within 3 months before its due course and voluntary abortion.

 Partial or total effect of using narcotic psychedelic drugs unless the drugs prescribed by qualified physician and also to drink any kind of liquors.
To note:

 The period fixed for canceling application of the policy shall be within 6 months from the issuing date of policy.

 The maximum time limit for the insured to submit the whole medical expenses documents to the insurer is 6 months ,from the initial date of informing the call center.

 This contract is valid only under regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Transference of Insured:

When the physical condition of the insured after treatment at domicile in Iran is not suitable for returning to home as an ordinary passenger, to return him/her to the home country on the basis of recommendation and affirmation of the treating or trusted physician of the insurer.In case of death of the insured, to take necessary action for transferring the corpse to the nearest airport to the insured domicile in home country.To take necessary actions for returning back the insured companions who are below 15 years old and one of the insured’s relatives to the home country, if the insured is not able to continue his/her journey with a private vehicle or the vehicle which is used in the beginning of journey.


The expenses of preparing losses of main journey documents such as passport, driving License or consulate documents up to 200 Euro. It is the duty of insurer to give the insured necessary instructions if they lose their main journey documents such as passport and visa paper. Legal aid expenses of claims against the insured during his domicile in Iran up to 250 Euros.