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Surgeon & Hair transplant
Surgeon & Hair transplant
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Dr. Mehrdad Abdali Specialized Hair Transplant Clinic is a relaxed and welcoming environment for patients and guests who are interested in consulting and obtaining information on new hair transplantation and youthful recovery procedures. This clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Isfahan and everything is provided so that you can achieve your desired result in this complex.Dr. Abdali Clinic operates in the field of hair transplantation, where hair transplant services and all hair related procedures are managed by Dr. Mehrdad Abdali. Get the best natural hair transplant and surgery you need.
All respected clients will be consulted by physicians and specialists prior to the start of treatment, and after receiving the necessary information and examinations, their medical needs will be identified and the treatment plan and follow-up defined as many They are faced with various questions that must be answered in consultation sessions, including:

What is the Best Hair Transplant?
How much does a natural hair transplant cost?
What is the Best Hair Transplant for Women?

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We offer more than 35 group exercis, aerobic classes each week.

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