About GoodSenseCo

“GoodSense Health Tourism Agency” as one of the GoodSense Group companies utilizing the knowledge and experience of specialized teams and focused on medical and travel services for international patients from across the world has been able to introduce itself as one of the most quality companies in the field of health tourism. Our slogan is health in ethics and honest and transparent behavior with all clients. By adhering to our professional ethics and medical standards and the expertise of our medical tourism professionals.

We aim to provide safe, cost-effective and timely service from customer request to complete recovery and aftercare. Our partner health care providers are selected from health care providers with committed management, modern equipment and trained personnel in patient care. We strive to understand your expectations well by examining your medical records and medical status and therefore provide the best service for your trip to Iran at the lowest cost

Service licenses goodSense of health

GoodSense is themedical tourism agency that met the required standards to be accredited by the related tourism and medical tourism authorities , for offering medical tourism services.

GoodSense ’s operating licenses signed and sealed by the aforementioned authorities are presented below: