What Goes on in an Obesity Clinic?

Obesity clinics in Iran are vibrant, joyful places serving as a place connecting people who have been under surgery and those awaiting it. Those who have not yet received the surgery can’t believe that in a year time they’ll be in the same shape as those who are simply there for their routine check-ups, smiling, agile, and in good shape. Patients receive the greater part of their needed information and hopes on matters such as keeping a healthy skin and hair after the surgery, from former patients.

hospitals and clinics Eye care

There are numerous modern clinics and hospitals in Iran dedicated to eye care services. Iranian eye hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies that are on par with developed countries. The cleanliness and staff professionalism of Iranian clinics and hospitals are also exceptional.

General Surgery cost in Iran

The cost of general surgery in Iran depends on many factors, including the type of surgery, the hospital you choose, and the experience of the surgeon who operates on you, but all in all general surgery fees in Iran are very modest compared to other countries.



Skilled Eye Care Doctors

Iranian eye specialists are highly knowledgeable and skilled, some of them becoming distinguished at the international level. Iranian ophthalmology graduates usually excel at the annual International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) exams, occupying the top positions in the ranking.

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Map of Iran Why General Surgery in Iran?

The low cost of general surgery in Iran, coupled with the quality of surgery and skillful surgeons, is the main reason a great number of foreign patients travel to Iran every year to go under the knife. Also, Iran’s hospitable people and great tourist attractions will create a great experience for you while you are on an Iranian medical tour. Iran is also a big name in organ transplantation.